"The Way It Once Was: The Dinosaur," transports hearts back to the Age of the Dinosaurs. A glimpse of primordial beauty from its beginnings to its end enchants and haunts the reader. Lush habitants created for these magnificent creatures once existed for millions of years long ago. Harmony and peace ruled on Pangaea until violence surfaced ushering in the Ice Age.This story follows the lives of two dinosaurs, a grandfather and his granddaughter as they flee flesh eating predators. The grandfather embarks on a narrative of past beloved memories to share with his granddaughter."It was a very long time ago that I speak about my heart, my little one...yet, nonetheless it did happen. I tell you, it was real! And it all took place here, right here even where we are now standing," assured the incredible creature with his great, purple eyes and dark pupils dancing across them.""...Juicy, enormous, succulent fruits and berries beyond one's imagination loaded the trees and bushes, so lusciously sweet and intensely bitter. Thick leaves oozed with each nutritious bite. My long tongue remembers each one even now as I salivate thinking about it...""But, Grandfather when was such a time as this? I cannot even imagine it to ever have been!" His granddaughter's large, dark, almond shaped eyes grew bigger in the twilight."Millions of years before my little one, millions of years before; I was there at the end of it all, you see..."I reside in Manchester-by-the-Sea in Massachusetts. It is a privilege and honor to write for the Father. This story was first written by Him before I wrote it. My humble intent is to make Him known, to bring heaven on earth through my stories. He deserves the Glory! (Matthew 6:33; 13:52)

The Way It Once Was: The Dinosaur