After all the drama and heartache, Anika, Mia and Legacy try to move on with their lives, but relationship woes stick to the three of them like glue. Anika finds the strength to leave Reynard for good and move on with Jaxson, but she has a hard time trusting again, and Jaxson’s soon to be ex-wife, Michelle, doesn’t make it any easier for her. Will Anika learn to trust again, or will she become a bitter woman and push Jaxson away? Mia gets a taste of real love with Morris, but her fleshly desires keep her from experiencing a true commitment with the man who is best for her. Mia has to choose between love and lust. Is she really ready to be the main chick, or will she forever be content as the side chick? Legacy has issues with Kenny’s future baby momma and finds out a secret that Tanya and Kenny have been hiding. Tanya’s pregnancy has put Legacy’s happily-ever-after on pause, and she has to decide if she will ride it out with Kenny or move on with her life. Is this the last straw for Legacy, or will she find it in herself to forgive Kenny again? More drama, more lies and even more deceit consume their lives. Will this trio ever get it together, or will their future be a repeat of their past?

Sometimes I'm In My Feelings