The story of the first Christmas has been told millions of times all over the globe. But has anyone ever stopped to imagine what this event might have been like for the star that led the way? What would it have been like without it? Did he know everything? And how did a star end up in the story of the birth of the savior? Was it a perfect star? Where did he come from? We are all a little bit like this star. Complete with angels and villains, this star-studded cast will be sure to have you sitting on the edge of your seat. Meet the many who both helped and opposed God as He performed the greatest miracle of all time. This story was written to be enjoyed read out loud to children by adults, or by children to other children and maybe be adults to other adults! Mary Alice Munoz created the story of NOVA "on the fly" one night after running out of books to read to her 2 nieces while babysitting for her sister. Through the years she repeated the story from memory to many different audiences always promising to write it down some day. Here it is: Her final version. Her desire is that this timeless message offers a different perspective to reach many. Mary Alice holds a Masters Degree in Cross Cultural Studies from Fuller Theological Seminary's School of World Missions where she concentrated on Judaic Studies and International Community Development.


NOVA The Bright Little Star: The Bright Little Star