When sisters construct a fool-proof plan to rob a local drug dealer, what could possibly go right? When desperation strikes, how far would you go? The final installment to the suspenseful Identical Sins where twin sisters Nina and Lola foil the robbery of a drug dealer. Things seemed to work against Nina pitting the sisters against each other. Follow as Nina plots to take her son back and secure her bag in Identical Sins 2.Nina-I looked out of the window as that psychotic bastard pulled away from the bus station. With the money that he had given me, I could take the bus anywhere and just start over. But if he thought for a minute that I was leaving without my son, he had another thing coming. Lola might be scared of Luckie, but I wasn't. He would get what was coming to him for the shit that he had done to me and driving a wedge between me and my sister, even if she had to go down with him.

Identical Sins 2