12 year old Danny's once happy and normal life starts to fall apart when his parents inform him they are getting a divorce. This book embarks on Danny's journey to understanding Why this is happening and Why God allowed it to happen. Divorce...Although common in the times we are living in, continues to bring a devastating sting to all those in the family, especially the children. This book will give a child the truth and understanding they desperately need. It will also provide God's help, through his son Jesus, so they can develop the mindset required to overcome this personal tragedy This book will help children with the pain and confusion they feel when confronted with their parents' divorce by giving them God's perspective and Jesus' help. As someone who was a child of divorced parents and then later becoming divorced in my own marriage, I understand both as the child and mother of a child, how difficult and confusing divorce can be. Kim Carlone is the author of "I Like to Pray When...". This is her second Christian Children's book she has written with hopes to help children everywhere. "I believe this to be another great tool for the Christian parent's toolbox and a great resource for a child who has not come to know Jesus yet." A Christian Mother and former Sunday School Teacher, Kim enjoys bringing Jesus into a child's life. A child advocate, she sponsors children all over the world, through organizations that are fighting poverty and disease. Kim currently owns a Christian Retail Store, "The Christian Woman" and resides in her hometown of Portsmouth, RI with her family. Please visit our website


Help Me Jesus! My Parents Are Getting Divorced!