"Used - Like New"


Thirty-four-year-old Zuri Maxwell has a decent life: Richard, her long-term boyfriend, treats her well, and her career as an advertising sales rep is going just fine. But the commission-based nature of her income makes her wish Richard were more ambitious in his role as maintenance supervisor of an upscale apartment building, and she longs for the chance to be a little more spontaneous with their hard-earned money.


When Zuri has a chance encounter with a sleek entrepreneur eager to pick her brain about the advertising world, she jumps at the chance to talk business with someone who seems to have everything she wants. He wines and dines her, and because they never cross the line into a physical relationship, Zuri's conscience remains clear - mostly.


As Zuri grows more and more accustomed to lavish gifts and red-carpet events, will her unglamorous romance with Richard still be enough for her? Will she give up the stable, loving life she knows for an uncertain future on a wealthy man's arm?