Raven, Victoria, Eva, and Angel all grew up as best friends in the heart of Baltimore. Growing up in low and middle class homes, they had been able to escape the troubles that surround the Baltimore streets. That is, until Raven decided to help her drug peddling brother, Deon, escape the drug game. Not wanting her to go through this alone, her girls are there for her. While battling the notorious drug dealer, Treach, and the drama in their personal lives, they fail to see what Treach really has in store for them. However, Treach does not know the girls have friends in high places and that his own transgressions could backfire, giving the girls a chance to end him. Can these girls go against a well known street criminal and escape the scariest situation a teenage girl could ever go through here in Charm City?

Charm City Part 1 ( Welcome to Bodymore Murdaland #1 )