In the hopes that this would ease the pain of explanation to children, this book is dedicated to any parent who has suffered the loss of a child. This book was written with all of the love a broken heart can muster. Lianne Totty is an aspiring children's book author looking to use her past experiences to help others cope. She hopes to help plant the seeds of hope and peace in the hearts of those who have experienced loss. Lianne Totty is a Patient Services Administrator at a major teaching hospital in Washington DC. After battling infertility and multiple losses in 2016, Lianne and her husband delivered her miracle baby at 27 weeks and spent 6 terrifying months in the Neonatal Intensive care Unit (NICU) at that hospital, eventually losing the baby. That sent them on an emotional journey that led to her writing the book "Baby Went to Heaven," as a tool for parents who've left toddlers and other small children at home; and must later explain to them why the baby they were all eagerly expecting never comes home. They eventually went on to have another baby who was born at 25 weeks at same hospital but with a much different outcome. Lucas is alive and thriving. He truly is her light. Lianne's story of loss and recovery encompasses the hopes and fears of every parent, a story that those who have suffered the death of a child will relate to.

Baby Went to Heaven