A CERTAIN MAN’S DAUGHTERThe last person Virginia lawyer Robert Shipley expects to see again is Lisa Lindstrom. Their college relationship didn’t end well, and Lisa is now married. She is also the daughter of retiring Senator Lindstrom, and used to getting her way. So when she is mailed with a tape showing her in bed with another woman, and told that she has five days to announce her decision not to run for her father’s office, she contacts Robert. Shipley tries to refuse, but it’s a losing battle. Which is how he finds himself in the apartment of Lisa’s lesbian lover, Cate Gaulois, who is lying dead on the floor with a bullet in her chest. All the evidence for the blackmail—and the murder as well—point to three men who seem to have known Cate through a local strip club where she danced: Tommy Osborn, a ruthless tobacco lobbyist, the man who introduced Cate to Lisa; Bill Murphy, chief of staff for the opposition party, whose card he finds in her apartment; and Frank Nelson, chief of staff to Senator Lindstrom, who was also seen visiting the club. Three tough, arrogant Washington D.C. politicians—which one wants Lisa out of the race? And which one now wants Robert Shipley dead?

A Certain Man's Daughter